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Audiobooks for Your Next Summer Roadtrip

If you’re heading on a road trip this summer and need some entertainment or just need a good book to listen to during your everyday commute or errands, you’ve come to the right place! I do monthly book reviews here on the blog, and I combed through my archives to put together this list of …


Page-Turners to Read this Summer

In the past few weeks I’ve had a few friends and family members reaching out to me for book recommendations in real life. I do monthly book reviews here on the blog, but I know it can be time consuming to go through the archives looking for a recommendation. So I thought I’d try to …


June 2019 Book Reviews

Welcome to my June 2019 Book Reviews! As usual I did a mix of Kindle reading and audiobook reading, so I’ll make a note if I listened on¬†Audible¬†with my thoughts on the narrator(s). There are no spoilers (unless it’s something you learn in the first 10% of the book to set up the plot), and …

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