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Pink Spring Sweater + Friday Favorites

Today’s outfit is one where I felt pretty good wearing it…obviously nothing fancy but it was put together enough to run all of my usual weekend errands and not feel like I was dressed frumpy or anything. Then when I came to edit these photos, I felt a little meh about it. I wish I’d added a scarf or a bigger necklace or belt or something. But c’est la vie. I may have a blog that talks a lot about clothes and fashion but my real life is definitely not a fashion show so I try not to stress when an outfit isn’t my favorite. And I’ll share it anyway because it still has pieces I like even if I plan to style them differently next time!

I wanted a few lightweight sweaters for Spring, and lo and behold my favorite Amazon brand, Daily Ritual, just came out with some Lightweight Sweaters! I’m actually a bit bummed that I didn’t see their tunic version before I got the regular version that I’m wearing here since I always like the option of wearing tops with leggings. I may have to try that version in a different color. And speaking of the other colors, I originally bought the white version of this and returned it because it was very see through. These are very thin sweaters. That’s fine for SoCal spring but it might be too thin/chilly for some other places. It’s even thinner than the lilac LOFT sweater that I shared on Monday. I’m wearing XS here and it runs true to size with a relaxed fit.

These shoes were one of my favorite pairs last Spring and I’m surprised to see they are still in stock at Target! They’re only $33 and surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. I just read an article earlier this week about 14 things you should and shouldn’t buy at Target and I was personally offended that they had shoes on the list of things not to buy! Say what?! I have lots of favorite shoes from Target (e.g. this post from last June rounds up some of my favorites) and they have the best quality for the price! I also disagreed with them about Up & Up trash bags. I don’t know what people are putting in their trash, but I buy Up & Up trash bags and they never break on me!

I guess I got on a bit of Target tangent there, but the point is, these shoes are great and Business Insider is wrong. Ha!

Time to join up with some blogger friends for Friday Favorites! If you enjoy a random assortment of favorites like this, see who I’m linking up with at the end of this post to find more posts like this!

1. Flashback Friday: Something I want to start incorporating here is a Flashback Friday outfit. Basically I’m going to dig through my archives and share an outfit I wore at this time of year in a past post that I’d still wear today. I want to remind myself of what’s already in my closet and get a better feel for what things do and don’t stand the test of time. And hopefully since I wear a lot of basics this will also give you ideas for similar pieces you own!

Since this outfit is “old” (it’s from March 2016) everything is sold out, but I’ll link similar options each week for the key outfit pieces and just list the original source for the shoes and accessories. Those were a bit harder for me to find something super similar so I don’t want to frustrate readers by linking not-very-similar “similar” options!

Similar Jacket Options: OneTwo, ThreeFour | Similar Tee | Similar Jeans
Necklace: J Crew | Bag: Tory Burch | Sandals: Forever 21 | Ring: Rebecca Minkoff  

You know, I have to tell you I have not worn my white jeans in ages. I still really love the way they make an outfit pop, but when I shifted to taking posed outdoor photos with a DSLR camera (like the one in today’s post with the pink sweater) that made me not want to wear them. They are really hard for me to photograph correctly. There’s always a glare and they just don’t seem to look flattering in those photos. And as my photography expert friend Rachelle always tells me, the camera adds ten pounds. I feel like white jeans add an extra ten pounds on DSLR, so after seeing them in a few “posed” photos I gave up on them entirely! But after seeing this photo, I might reconsider wearing them just on days when I’m taking selfies!

2. Favorite White V-Neck Re-Stocked! Earlier this month I shared reviews of my favorite white v-neck tees, and at the time, one of my favorites was out of stock. Well now it’s been re-stocked! If you read that post and wanted to try the Express One Eleven Tee, jump on it STAT since it’s fully stocked right now. The grey t-shirt I’m wearing above with the olive jacket is also the exact One Eleven t-shirt in grey, but of course, that color is out of stock right now so I had to link a similar option there.

3. Favorites Nail Products: Two weeks back when my sisters were in town they had a lot of questions about my favorite nail products for long-lasting manicures. I sent them all a link to this blog post to reference when they got home and were ready to shop because I’m still using all of those exact products. Here’s a quick look at the products I use, but you can refer to the original post for more info on how and why I use each item

The only thing different lately is the color I’m using on my nails. All Winter I’ve been using CND Dark Lava. Eventually I’ll switch to the lighter colors as shown above for Spring/Summer, but I just haven’t had the itch to switch yet. I’ve been really impressed with the CND lasting power (coupled with the base coat and top coats shown), so I also bought a bottle of Winter Glow to try. The color is more white in person than it appears on the Amazon pic, but TBD if it’s the right shade for me. I’m wearing Essie Flowerista on my toes in my Flashback Friday photo, and I just put it on my toes for Spring this year.

That’s it today friends! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back on Monday!

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