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Today I’m taking a break from clothes and outfits to talk about a few of my household favorites from Amazon. These are things that have been great purchases for me and really good value for the price. Nothing is over $50! I’ve shared quite a few these before but they’re all scattered around in various blog posts so I thought it was time to consolidate my household favorites into one place.

ONE: Pillows (2 for $35)
If you like fluffy pillows, these are great! When they first arrive they’re vacuum-packed and it might look like they aren’t nearly as fluffy as pictured. But give them a day to fluff out and it makes a world of difference. I used to purchase pillow at Target and it seems like those were roughly $20 per pillow, so these are a better price and really comfortable.

TWO: Sherpa Fleece Blanket ($20-50 depending on size)
These blankets are so soft and comfortable…on both sides! Everyone in our house loves snuggling up in them to watch TV or while getting breakfast in the morning before the house warms up. When my mom and sisters came last weekend they all commented on these too and loved snuggling up in them. These come in lots of other colors if you prefer something more bright or feminine, etc.

THREE: Bed Sheets ($24) and Pillowcases ($15)
I wouldn’t say that I’m a threadcount snob per se, but I definitely like soft and luxurious feeling sheets! When my last set of sheets (the finest Target had to offer, ha!) started to wear out, I went hunting on Amazon for replacements just too see how prices compared and if there was anything with great reviews for a better price. Sure enough, I found these and have replaced all the bedding in our house with this line as the other sheets have worn out.

FOUR: Coffee Maker ($40)
I love my Hamilton Beech Brewstation! It works quickly and I love that I don’t have to mess with a carafe and worry about keeping it clean or breaking it. I’m not interested in getting a Keurig for a lot of reasons I don’t need to list, but if this ever wears out I’ll just replace it with another one.

FIVE: Bath Towels (4 for $42), Washcloths (12 for 20), and Hand Towels 6 for $23
The story with these is much like the sheets. When my existing towels started feeling like sandpaper, I browsed Amazon for affordable options with good reviews and ended up selecting these. I’ve had them a few months now and they’re going strong. I’m sure in a couple of years they’ll need to be replaced like my last set, but I’m really happy with them for the price.

SIX: Heating Pad ($38)
This heating pad saved us a lot of money on our electricity bill. That might sound counter-intuitive, but when I’m working from home in the winter, I hate heating the entire house just for me to be sitting in one room for most of the day. A lot of times I could get by just dressing warm and keeping this on my lap or on my feet to keep me warm enough. I know that won’t cut it for winter in much colder climates. but it’s great for sleeping, cramps, muscle soreness, etc. It has a timer, so sometimes I’d put it in my bed at night to warm up my feet while I fell asleep and I didn’t have to worry about it running all night.

SEVEN: Bandages ($8 for 100)
This is potentially the most random thing on this list, but I swear by these bandages! Especially if you have active kids who are always falling off their bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. etc. and needing some coverage with strong adhesion. These bandages stay on 1000 times better than Band-Aid or any other brand I’ve purchase at Target or anywhere else. They usually stay on for a few days, even after a shower. If you go through a lot of bandages in your house, trust me and just try these once!

EIGHT: Glasslock Containers ($17),  Full Set of Containers $39
I’m linking this set specifically (it’s called a 4-piece set because it’s two glass pieces plus two lids, but really it’s just a set of two complete containers) because the smaller one on top is the one we use every day. It’s the perfect size for a stick of butter! Whether you keep your butter out at room temperature or in the refrigerator (let’s not go into that drama!) this is the perfect, BPA-free, air-tight storage container. We have an an entire set of these containers and we do use the others for leftovers and such, but the butter container is my favorite. The lid from that piece in my original set recently broke after years of use so I wanted to replace just the one container, but annoyingly I couldn’t find a place to buy that one by itself. Getting the set of two (or four pieces as they call it) was the next best thing.

While I do participate in the Amazon fashion influencer program, for what it’s worth all of the items above were purchased by me and this post was not sponsored by Amazon. I have no problem with sponsored posts, but I know for me personally it affects how I interpret the information presented and I’m sure most of you feel the same!

Here’s the latest of what’s going on in the blog world, real life, and a few other notes!

On the Blog: Coming up on Wednesday it’s What’s Up Wednesday, a.k.a. my end of the month update. I’ll see if I can drum up anything moderately interesting to say about what I’ve been eating, reading, doing, etc. I’ll also have a new outfit to go along with it. Friday will also be an outfit or two, and possibly some favorites if I have anything left to say after Wednesday’s post!

In Real Life: Last weekend I did a little Spring Cleaning and de-cluttered a few things around the house. Not a lot, but enough to make me feel like I’m not falling too far behind on that front. I also got caught up on photo sorting. I usually try to upload all family photos from my phone once a month and place them in pages for our album, but I hadn’t done any for 2019. It was getting close to that point where you’re so far behind you want to give up! I wanted to get another newsletter out soon but I decided I better prioritize things on the home front instead since. I’d rather blog and write a newsletter than organize photos, but it needed to be done and it feels good to be caught up!

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