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Amazon Try-On Session: Workwear

Generally when I do a try-on session, I share pieces that caught my eye and work for my lifestyle. Today I’m doing something a little different and sharing pieces that interested me…but don’t really work for my lifestyle. These are more suited to a more traditional office environment or business casual dress code. I work from home so my everyday outfits are pretty casual, but since I’ve shared plenty of casual wear in my everyday outfits and try-on sessions, I thought I’d switch it up this time just for fun! I did find some really nice pieces, so hopefully these will be useful to some of you!

Salt & Pepper Blazer:

I’m starting out with my favorite piece from this session – this knit “salt & pepper” blazer! This is such a nice piece. The knit material makes it stretchy and comfortable, but it still gives you the polished look of the blazer. The black & white “salt and pepper” color mix also gives it kind of a tweed look, which is a nice subtle change from basic black but just as versatile. As far as sizing, I’m wearing a 2 and it’s comparable to a 2 in Express blazers or an XS in other jacket styles. I like the fit a lot, but if I wanted to button it in front I’d need to go up another size. I usually wear blazers open and I do like a more tailored look, but it’s worth considering a size up if you like yours buttoned. I noticed a lot of the reviews on this said it runs small and to order 1-2 sizes up, so I guess that is just a matter relativity to where else other people shop? I would agree to err on the larger side of your standard sizing, but I didn’t find it to run exceptionally small. Pricing on this varies depending on the size (ugh), but all sizes are under $75, and that’s considerably less than you’d pay for a blazer of this quality at other places.

Fit & Flare Sweater Dress:

I added the blazer from above to this sweater dress for two reasons. First, because the top portion of the dress is very fitted and I wasn’t liking the top view. Second, I think they look nice together and it helps to see the blazer with a different color other than white, so it served two purposes. But as for the dress itself, it’s a really nice fit and flare style that comes in six other colors. The sweater material is comfortable (not at all itchy) and it’s fairly true to size (I’m wearing XS), but I’d say on the smaller side of that. So if you’re between sizes, go with the larger size. The top/fitted portion is definitely tight…so they’re not kidding when they say “fit” and flare! But overall it’s a great dress for the price. Once again, the price varies based on size/color selection and I personally wish they wouldn’t do that, but if you aren’t too picky on the color you can likely score one of these for under $30 at any size!

Signature Wrap Dress vs. Classic Wrap Dress:
I was intrigued by the fact that Lark & Ro made two wrap dresses, both of which looked very similar to me! I couldn’t see much difference from the photos so I decided to order both and see how they stacked up in person.

Signature Wrap Dress:

Up first is the Signature Wrap Dress, and let me mention that this comes in sixteen different colors! So if this blue is not your thing (this color is called Sodalite Blue), there is likely to be an option you do like! But since Classic Blue is the Pantone 2020 color of the year I thought this would be a fun option to try! This is a true wrap dress! Meaning it opens up all the way so you do need to be a little careful about that. It’s a medium-deep v neck, and I think if I were to wear this out in real life I’d want to pin it in the front or use Hollywood Fashion tape to keep it secure and avoid exposure incidents. That said, this dress is true to size (I’m wearing XS), and one really nice thing about it is that when I pulled it out of the package, I didn’t even need to steam it or iron it! So I think this would be a great piece for travel, whether for work or any other event. All colors and sizes of this are under $50 (some as low as $11), and I do think this is a nice dress for the price, but read on for why I prefer the next dress a little more!

Classic Wrap Dress:

Okay, so this dress is very similar to the previous dress, but it differs in a couple of key ways. First, the ruching on the front lower half. I personally like the look of it, but I can see how others might prefer the clean front of the previous dress. And second, while this is also a full wrap style, it also has a side button (underneath the tie area), and I thought that really helped the wrap front feel more secure. So of the two dresses, I prefer this one, primarily for the security reasons! It’s also true to size and priced from $16-43 depending on size and color. And this one comes in twenty three different prints and colors! So again if you’re not loving this bright pink (“Cerise” is the color name on this one), no worries they are bound to have a color that suits you.  As with the previous one, it was virtually wrinkle free coming straight out of the package, so it would make a great travel option.

Boucle Moto Jacket:

This Liverpool jacket is a bit more on the lines of my normal style, but I also think it would work for business casual wear so I’m including it in this post. I was intrigued by this because I’ve seen a few other bloggers sharing with this brand (e.g. Ashley has this camo jacket that I just loved!) so I was happy to see some of their pieces on Amazon. This jacket in has pros and cons, so I’m going to break out my review into those categories.
PROS: True to size. Nicely made. Soft Material. Comfortable. Fun leather detail around the zipper. Thick and Warm.*
CONS: The lapels of the moto jacket don’t stay open very well, and that’s my biggest issue with this piece. It took a lot of effort to get them to fold open and to get them to lay somewhat open for this photo, and even then they didn’t want to stay that way. It makes me wonder if they pinned them down to show it the way it looks on the model on site since this material is thick and just doesn’t lend itself well to bending and folding. If you want to wear this jacket all the way zipped up I suppose you can do that, but I just thought it looked too restrictive that way (see below).

*Thick and warm can be either a Pro or a Con depending on where you live! Aside from the issues with the collar not staying open on its own, I ultimately decided this is just a bit too warm and heavy for my climate (it’s more of a coat for me), but if you work in a really cold office or just live a colder climate that may be perfect for you.

Burgundy Boucle Moto Jacket – Zipped:

This is the same jacket as above, I just wanted to show it zipped up since it gives a closer look at the faux leather detail around the zipper. I do think it has a bit of a straight jacket vibe all zipped up like this, but maybe that’s just me! At any rate, it’s a nice piece, it just wasn’t quite right for me. I’d be willing to try something else from this line based on the quality of this piece though.

Faux Wrap Sweater Dress:

I’ve shared this dress a few times before so apologies for the redundancy to my regular readers. But I love this dress and think it fits well within the context of this post. It’s a faux wrap sweater dress, so no need to worry about it falling open. And it’s a nice and thick, sturdy sweater material so it doesn’t feel thin or flimsy. Yet it’s also soft and cozy but still looks polished. I wore this twice over the holidays to my kids musical performances and it was so nice to be comfortable and warm but still dressy enough for the occasion. This comes in black and red as well, and it’s also true to size, but the top part of this one isn’t as tight as the red sweater dress, so I do prefer that even though I like the flare skirt of the other. I did have to order a slip to wear underneath this since otherwise it would stick to my tights, and this $15 option with Amazon Prime did the trick for me.

And as always, I’ll wrap up this post with a look at the front view on each of these pieces. For reference I’m 5’4″, so of course, the length piece may vary depending on your height.