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Black Jeans + 2020 Predictions

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is personal and blog direction for 2020. After doing my Best/Worst of 2019 Post, I got a clearer picture of things I want to keep or change around the blog, but there are other things behind the scenes that I see shifting as well. Some of that will come into play on the blog…but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. A few weeks back we chatted denim trend changes for 2020 (see it in this post), and that was essentially my first prediction: distressed jeans are losing popularity, and I can definitely see myself reaching for traditional denim more often in 2020. That definitely includes my non-ripped black jeans!

LEFT: Jacket  (c/o) | Top | Jeans | Belt | Boots  (c/o)| Earrings

Right now my top two favorite pairs of in-stock black denim are the Express Mid-Rise Black Jeans and the Daily Ritual Mid-Rise Black Jeans. If you prefer high-waisted styles, both of these brands have a high-waist option also (see the Express version HERE and Daily Ritual version HERE), and if you prefer low-rise…well, you’re out of luck right now! I’m sure the fashion tides will turn again in the next few years on that denim trend too since it all seems to go cycles. But for now, if you need a nice pair of black jeans I recommend either one of these. They’re both true to size for me, though I take the Short length in Express jeans (I’m 5’4″) and the Regular length in Daily Ritual. The Short Length of Daily Ritual jeans works for me as far as length, but they also feel shorter in the torso and it just doesn’t fit me well that way. So I just stick to the longer length and either cuff them or tuck them into boots.

 Jacket  (c/o)| Top | Jeans | Belt | Boots  (c/o) | Earrings

I do think the Express jeans are a bit less fitted at the ankle. They don’t give as much of a sleek line as I’d like if I try to wear them with pumps or ankle boots, so I wear them almost exclusively in Winter and tucked into tall boots. On the plus side, it makes them easier to get on and off! Some skinny jeans/jean leggings are so fitted at the ankle it’s a workout to get in and out of them. The Daily Ritual jeans (below) are a little more like that, but not too bad. I love the fit and feel of them overall enough that they’re worth it to me. Personally I’m more likely to buy a second pair of these to replace my Express pair once they wear out just because of the price plus Prime Shipping option on these.

Speaking of wearing jeans with ankle boots, I needed another pair of nude/taupe ankle boots as much as I needed another jacket in my closet (which is to say…not at all!), but when these blogger-favorite Vince Camuto booties finally went on sale, I had to try them out. They really are the perfect nude shoe, I love the pointed toe, and the chunky stacked heel makes them really comfortable for walking even though the heel height is listed at 3 3/4 inches. I usually don’t go over 3″ for an everyday shoe, but these don’t feel as high as they say, and I’m all about any extra leg lengthening and height I can get if it doesn’t make me uncomfortable! 

2020 Predictions: 
As I’m looking ahead to 2020, I have some fashion predictions and personal predictions on my mind that I thought it would be fun to share and discuss with my fashion-minded friends! If I can remember to check back on this post sometime in December of 2020, I’m sure it will be amusing to see how many I got right or wrong!

Denim Predictions: I think distressed denim is going to trend down overall and mid-rise + high rise will maintain their popularity. Personally I’ve been phasing out my distressed jeans…even the ones that are only ripped-knee jeans. Maybe that’s just due to aging and wanting a more classic look, but either way, I predict you won’t see me wearing as many outfits with distressed denim this year.

Color Predictions: Classic Blue is the Pantone 2020 color of the year, and I think it’s going to have its moment. Some years it seems fashion ignores the official color of the year, particularly when it’s something a little more extreme and unflattering on a lot of people like 2017’s “Greenery” or 2018’s “Ultra Violet.” But I’m seeing a lot of gorgeous blue pieces pop up in retail stores already, plus I think the world could certainly use its calm and serene message this year!

Fabric Predictions: I am seeing a lot of velvet options popping up lately, and I’m not quite sure if it’s leftover from the holidays or if it’s going to carry into 2020? So I guess this isn’t a strong prediction but a question mark. I did recently get this velvet athleisure jacket that I shared last week, and I absolutely love it.

I was worried that it was going to be reminiscent of a Juicy Velour Tracksuit from yesteryear, but I think it’s updated for 2020, plus I don’t plan on wearing it with matching pants! Either way, I could see myself getting a dressier top option in this fabric just for fun.

Shopping Predictions: My shopping habits really changed in 2018 when I went back to work part time, and I predict that the shift toward preferring retailers with Free Shipping & Returns will continue to shape my behavior this year. Whether a store offers Free Shipping on its own like Amazon and Nordstrom or if it’s via ShopRunner, I will do most of my shopping in those stores. Thankfully ShopRunner includes a lot of other brands I like, so I don’t feel too limited in my selections. That also means I won’t do as much shopping at stores like Express, LOFT or Abercrombie, even though I may like a lot of their selections. If it seems that I’ve shifted away from Express as being my favorite store…that’s the reality and the reason behind it. Their shipping takes a pretty long time compared to other retailers (I’ve found this varies based on where you live – my friends in the midwest will get their orders in a couple of days, whereas mine take over a week), and the returns are either going to cost me more time or money than I want to part with.

I also used to enjoy going to the mall…now I avoid it like the plague and simply don’t have as much time for it due to my work schedule. I predict that I’ll go to the mall fewer times in 2020 than I have for any given year in the last 15 years. Even when my kids were small we used to go to the mall playground for an indoor winter activity. So we were there often even if I didn’t want to venture into stores with my double stroller! Now that I have tween/teen boys, I’m sure you can imagine that the mall is not anywhere on their list of “fun” family activities!

Jewelry Predictions: I predict I’ll stay away from longer necklaces for the most part. While I haven’t parted ways with most of my Kendra Scott Rayne necklaces, I don’t see myself reaching for that style any time in the near future. I also feel pretty content with my jewelry collection as-is right now, so I don’t see myself adding a lot of new pieces this year compared to past years.

Blog Predictions: My prediction is that this year you’ll see more selfies here and more ways to wear  a given piece, especially if it’s newer and still in stock. For example last Friday I shared Six Ways to wear Two Pieces, and both exact pieces are still in stock. I want to make it easy for you to decide if something is right for your closet/lifestyle and take a little guesswork out of putting it into an outfit if/when you get it in your hands. “Multiple ways to wear” type posts always rank high in reader surveys and in my blog stats, so I want to continue making those a priority this year!

Well, my predictions ended up being a little longer than I thought, but there you have it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on these! Whether you agree or disagree or are headed in a different direction yourself, it’s always fun to hear so let me know in the comments below!

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