Three Ways to Wear Winter Outfits

Three Layers x Three Ways to Wear

I didn’t start out the new year with any particular blog goals, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about that topic a little more as I’m trying to get back into the post-holiday groove with everything. As it turns out, I guess I do have a couple of objectives this year. They aren’t necessarily new goals – just things I want to stay focused on throughout the year. The first one is showing multiple ways to wear one piece. That’s something I’ve done over the years, but I find if I don’t keep that as a “goal,” I can easily forget to do it and find other things to post about. With that said, I’m staying on track with that objective today and sharing three new-to-me layering pieces styled three different ways each!

MIDDLEJacket  (c/o)| Similar Top | Jeans | Belt | Boots  (c/o) | Earrings
RIGHTCardigan (c/o) | Similar Cami | Similar Jeans | Boots (c/o) | Belt 

Wrap Cardigan:

I got this cardigan back in November, and I love that it’s long enough to wear with leggings.
Since I’m always hugging my cardigans around my body to stay warm, I also love that it wraps in front and it stays closed nicely. That’s partly due to the tie of the belt, and also due to the texture of the cardigan. The textured fabric can sort of “grab” on itself (like velcro) when it wraps. That might make it sound like it’s a rough fabric, but that’s definitely not the case. It’s very soft and cozy. I’m wearing an XS in this, but this brand does tend to run a little on the smaller side, so if you’re debating between sizes, go with the larger of two.

Rather than sharing the top view of each outfit option for each piece since that would get a little redundant, I’ll just sharing one top view photo of each piece today to give a closer look at the detail.

A Closer Look:

While I got this cardigan with the intention of wearing it primarily with leggings, it works perfectly well with other types of pants. In the center photo below I paired it with my LOFT dress pants and leopard print pumps for a more business casual vibe. And on the far right, I paired it with classic blue jeans and neutral ankle boots for an everyday casual outfit.

Three Ways to Wear:

Plaid Jacket

Jacket  (c/o)| Similar Top | Jeans | Belt | Boots  (c/o) | Earrings

When I got this plaid jacket, I was a little bit worried that the red detail in it would limit my options for pairing it with other pieces. Well, now that I’ve had it for some time I can tell you I needn’t have worried about that. Most of my layering pieces are black, white and grey anyway and it goes easily with all of those. And I think the red detail makes it just a little more interesting than if I wore any of these outfits with just a plain black jacket.

A Closer Look:

I loved pairing it with my red sweater for the holidays (on the left below), and I’ll probably do that again for Valentine’s Day. I’m actually warming up to wearing red a little more this year in general, but that’s a topic for another post. I didn’t switch up these outfits dramatically, but hopefully it still helps see a few options for styling this to decide if it will work for your lifestyle and with pieces you already own. In setting these outfits side-by-side like this, I immediately felt the grey top was my least favorite pairing. I definitely prefer the red and white top underneath! They both make the jacket stand out a little more than the grey. Now I wish I had done blog photos with one of those tops instead of the grey turtleneck, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Blog and learn!

Three Ways to Wear:

LEFT: Jacket | Red Sweater (c/o) | Similar Jeans | Boots (c/o) | Belt
RIGHT: Jacket (c/o) | Similar Turtleneck | Black Jeans | Boots (c/o) | Belt

Shawl Collar Cardigan:

And last but not least, this shawl collar cardigan! Like the wrap cardigan above, this sweater is also from Pattyboutik, and they make some of my very favorite sweaters on Amazon, as I shared in this post with my favorite Amazon sweater brands. If you ever purchase one of the super-budget sweaters on Amazon (you know…the types with unpronounceable brand names, photos stolen from top bloggers, and very amusing, hyperbole-filled product descriptions) and compare it to something from Pattyboutik, you will immediately notice the quality difference and realize these are worth the extra $10-20 extra they cost.

A Closer Look:

I think this cardigan lends itself really nicely to dressier outfits. The shawl collar gives more of a blazer look than a standard, open-front cardigan. I also styled this one with my LOFT dress pants (on the left below) to give a more traditional workwear outfit for this, and I thought it came together nicely. It’s simple but polished and very comfortable!

Three Ways to Wear:

MIDDLE: Cardigan (c/o) | Pink Cami Option | Necklace | Similar Jeans | Boots (c/o)
RIGHT: Cardigan (c/o) | Similar Cami | Similar Jeans | Boots (c/o) | Belt

And there you have it! Three pieces, three ways to wear each piece!  I know when I take the time to style and plan out my outfit options for posts like this, it tends to come in handy in real life. When I’m getting dressed I can refer back to my blog post or my photos on my phone and quickly get an idea for a complete outfit with stuff I already own. So hopefully it’s helpful to you for similar pieces you own!