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Sweater Coat x 3 Ways

Earlier this month I did some closet sorting and came up with a list of favorite winter pieces I need to wear again ASAP. We don’t really have Fall weather and our Winters aren’t that long or that cold, so there’s a short window of opportunity to wear my warmest, coziest pieces. I try not to own too many of those in general, but I still need some because I hate to be cold. This “Sweatercoat Cardigan” as it’s called is one of those warmer pieces that made the list! I’ve had it for a few years and end up taking outfit photos with it every year, so that’s made it possible to share three ways to wear it today!

MIDDLE: Cardigan (c/o)| Berry Cami | Grey Jeans | Belt | Boots (c/o) | Necklace
RIGHT: Cardigan (c/o) | Tank | Leggings | Similar Boots | Necklace

I’m sharing these a little out of order from the graphic above, but I liked how it looked best with the berry-colored top in the middle so that’s the way I kept it! But I’ll share the outfit details below starting with the most recent way I wore it, with this berry cami and grey jeans:

I’ve been a fan of these LOFT lace trim cami  for awhile, and I’ve posted the black and white version in many outfits here. They’re a comfortable knit so they work well for casual outfits, but the lace trim just gives it a little extra something and makes it a tiny bit dressier, but not too dressy. This “Sweet Boysenberry” color is a newer release, and I thought it would be flattering and fun to mix in with my neutrals. So far so good! I’m really trying not to collect too many multiples of one item, but this is such a great layering option for my lifestyle that I couldn’t resist this color. 
I’ve also talked about these Daily Ritual jeans a few times, but for a quick refresher, they’re true to size but they do stretch a little with wear. So if you’re between sizes, go with your smaller size. Or of you just want them more snug! The Short length options are not just shorter in the inseam, but shorter in the torso as well. At 5’4″ those didn’t work out for me even though I did like the length, so I ended up taking the Regular length. I love the fading on these! I’m going to make it a point to wear and photograph them a few more times in the near future so I can do a post with multiple ways to wear them. They are really great jeans for under $40!

Next up is this brown & black outfit combo. I really love brown + black combinations but rarely remember to do them! And honestly, this was never something I did on my own prior to the Pinterest era. Growing up, mixing brown and black was just asking for the self-appointed fashion police to walk by you and make a siren sound, alerting everyone to your mismatched outfit crime.

Since this post is primarily about this sweater coat/cardigan, I guess I better touch on the sizing! It runs Small-XL and I’m wearing a Small here. It’s true to size for this line, although this line usually runs just a bit smaller than Express, LOFT etc. That said, I probably wouldn’t size up unless you are really concerned about it being too tight. This is from Pattyboutik, another familiar brand for my regular readers and one of my overall favorite brands for Amazon sweaters! It’s very warm, nicely made and holding up well over the years!

And last but not least, the first way I wore this sweater – just over two years ago! You know, while I don’t mind looking at this outfit, I don’t think I’d wear it like this again today. I tend to save my over-the-knee boots for dressier outfits these days, so I just can’t see pairing them with leggings and a cardigan right now. But the boots were new at the time so I wore them with everything! Haha! 

If I were to wear this again now, I’d probably trade the boots for ankle boots, or else I’d change the leggings for black jeans. It’s kind of funny how tastes and preferences shift over time, isn’t it? I’ve noticed this about myself so much more since I started blogging. In part it’s because I write things out here so they stick to my memory better, but of course, it’s also due to the visual records!

On a separate note, I had a blast reading your comments last week on Cardigans vs. Jackets! That was such a fun discussion! For the past month or so I’ve been trying to bring an extra layering option with me when I take outfit photos, provided it makes sense for the outfit. It helps me get a bit of extra content for you/make my outfits applicable to a few more people without adding a lot of extra time to commitment, so it seems like a win-win. Plus, in some ways it’s almost easier because I don’t have to struggle with a decision of, “Which way do I want to complete this outfit? Cardigan or jacket?” I just do both! So on top of having three ways to wear this Sweatercoat Cardigan, I have a bonus Cardigan vs. Jacket comparison for you:

Just one little change of the layer and the outfit takes on a different tone. It’s a little dressier and probably a little edgier. With this particular jacket (still available), it really feels like a sweatshirt on the inside so it’s actually just as comfortable as the sweatercoat, though not quite as warm.

Truth be told, I think this last outfit is my very favorite of the bunch today! But that’s not surprising since I usually do prefer jackets to cardigans. I guess I saved the best for last, even though this has nothing to do with three ways to wear the sweatercoat cardigan! But I also wasn’t going to put this outfit in an entirely separate post since there was only one detail of difference, so I had to find a way to work it in here somehow!

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