Fitness Favorite Three Ways to Wear Winter Outfits

Friday Favorites 1/24/20

Welcome back to another round of Friday Favorites! As usual I’m starting with some recent outfits, and a little further down in the post I’ve got some other random favorites to share. It was a pretty decent week here. While a lot of people had Monday off for MLK day, I didn’t have the day off, but I did take Tuesday off for my birthday! My friends and family spoiled me with love and some sweet and thoughtful gifts, then I headed to Kendra Scott to take advantage of my birthday discount. I’m planning to do a belated birthday brunch with my family this coming weekend so I’m looking forward to that too! With that said, here are a few outfits from this week:

Everyday Outfits:

Leopard Cami + Rust Jacket

I would have done my family birthday lunch last weekend, except I had plans to get together with my girlfriends for lunch! We used to do a monthly girls’ brunch but life just got too hectic for us to keep that up consistently. So maybe it will only be an annual or semi-annual event now, but either way it was great to catch up with them…and have an excuse to get a little dressed up! My top and boots are true to size – everything else is similar

Neutral Jacket + Black Turtleneck

This jacket is from Cupcakes & Cashmere a few years back, and it was quite a challenge to find a similar style! I don’t think the options I found are super similar, but they are neutral with a drape front detail and they would layer nicely over a black turtleneck just like this. This outfit is a perfect example of what I love about jackets: the base of the outfit is extremely simple (black turtleneck and blue jeans), but adding a jacket gives it a lot more personality and style. With such a simple base, almost any jacket would have worked as a topper for this. In fact, in my recent Cardigans vs. Jackets post I wore this exact outfit base with two different completer pieces!

Neutral Cardigan + White Top:

Cardigan (this color sold out, Save Option) | Similar Tank | Jeans (c/o) | Necklace

Last year I felt my brown tall boots didn’t get used as much as my other boots, so I decided to be intentional about using them a little more this year. While I was on a roll with them I decided to go for three wears this week. I guess I primarily ended up mixing them in with other neutrals, but that’s not too surprising since I mostly wear neutrals! I was surprised to see this color of the Barefoot Dreams cardigan is sold out everywhere I looked! I’ll be curious to see if they re-stock it eventually. That said, I have this similar cardigan (in grey as seen here) and it’s a great, affordable option for a neutral cardi with a nice shawl collar detail. Also, my jeans are exact here (True to Size) and I’m wearing the Indigo Blue overdyed color. If you need an affordable pair of solid, dark wash jeans these are a great option.

Front View:

In addition to wearing my brown boots three times this week, my girl’s lunch outfit also brought me to three wears with my leopard cami! The first outfit is above, but I’ll recap the two previous versions here along with a front view of all three.

Leopard Cami + Black Moto:

Leopard Cami + Black Cardigan:

Front View:

That’s it for outfits this week, so now I’m joining ErikaAndrea, and Narci for some other Friday Favorites!

1. Single Cup Coffee Maker
Okay, I’m probably the last person to get on the Keurig train, but I honestly haven’t wanted to because I already like my Hamilton Beach Brewstation for coffee. It’s programmable, I can make multiple cups at once, it doesn’t have a carafe, etc. However, this winter my family and I have all been wanting different kinds of drinks to warm us up, from hot cocoa to tea to decaf coffee etc. I think I always associated these machines with coffee, but once I realized I could use it for tea and cocoa, I realized it might make sense for us. I decided to get a small, affordable “K Cup” machine to try for convenience, and it’s been a great purchase.

It really is handy and low-fuss for making hot beverages. It’s also very compact and doesn’t take up much counter space at all. It only makes one cup at a time, but so far that’s been just fine for us. I also feel like it does help reduce clutter. Yes, we still need a few different types of cups (this takes all standard “K-cups”) for the drinks we want, but it’s definitely not taking up as much space as having five different types of tea boxes on hand. I have the tea sampler set above and it’s perfect since it has all of the tea flavors I like in a small size box. For $40 and with a small kitchen footprint, it’s a new kitchen favorite this winter.

2. Fitness Favorite
If you’re new here, I do all of my workouts at home with DVDs. (There’s more detail on my full/current fitness routine in this post if you’re interested.) Some weeks I do a workout that I really love and think others might too, so I highlight that in my Friday Favorites. This week is one of those weeks and I’m talking about Cathe Friedrich’s Lower Body Blast

I love workouts that make me feel like I’m getting a lot of bang for my buck, and this is definitely one of those. The workout itself is about an hour long and it hits every single muscle group in your lower body. It also has some cardio moves alternated in with weight moves, so it really keeps my heart rate up and challenges me in every way. To top it off, it also has a Bonus Barre segment that really burns! You don’t need a bar for that – a chair works just fine. The bonus segment takes the workout running time to over an hour, so I usually do that segment on a separate day from the rest of the workout. But that’s to the point about getting a lot of bang for my buck. There’s a lot of great content and more unique moves in this workout. My legs and glutes get thoroughly challenged, but it’s not repetitive so I’m never bored.

Equipment Required: High Step (or step stool), dumbbells, a resistance band and sliding disc (or paper plate). Cathe uses a weighted barbell, but I don’t have that so I substitute dumbbells instead.

3. Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

One of the Christmas gifts I got for my kids this year was their own debit card. At 12 and 14, they’re ready to learn some money management and budgeting skills. Plus, they are often going to activities with friends and need to pay for their admission or snacks or whatever, and it can become a frantic last minute dash to see if we have enough cash for them to carry. After hearing about the Greenlight Debit Card we decided to give it a try. It’s $5 per month, and so far we are all loving it! It’s a prepaid card, so they can’t spend beyond what I put in their account. It also has a phone app for parents and kids, so I can see where they spend money, how much they spent, etc. And they can use their app to keep track of their own balance, request money from me, and more, track chores, and plenty of other things. Since we’ve had it just under a month and haven’t tried all the features yet, but so far we are really loving it. If you have older kids and this sounds useful to you, I definitely recommend giving it a try! This is not sponsored at all, but if you want to sign up using my referral link, we’ll both get $10. And that’s not a blogger thing, either. If you sign up, you’ll also get a referral link you can share with your own friends and family if you end up liking it.

Thanks for checking out my favorites today! See you back on Monday with another Amazon Try on Session! Earlier this month I did a try-on session with some workwear pieces, but Monday’s will be all casual wear to balance things out at the end of the month!