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Amazon Try-On Session: Casual Style

I’m back with another Amazon Try-On session today! Earlier this month I did a post with some workwear try-ons and found some great dresses and blazers. I thought I’d balance things out at the end of the month here with some more casual selections. Everything in today’s post is also very affordable: $50 or less! In the interest of disclosure, all Amazon apparel in this post was provided to me by Amazon as part of their Fashion Influencer program for my review. All items from other brands were purchased by me. I’ll start with the top view of each piece for close-up details and then I’ll have a front view of all items at the end of the post for a better look at the fit from the normal, everyday POV. With that said, let’s get on with the reviews!

 One: Striped Cape Sweater

Price: $22. I’ve seen a similar sweater on other bloggers from Chicwish for $46 and thought it was really cute, but I was even more pleased to see this one for only $22! It comes in four colors (Olive, Black, Grey, Rust) and is called an “oversize” sweater, so it’s meant to be loose and cape-like as the name implies. I took a small, and while it is boxy, I was a bit disappointed with the length Actually, it it’s about the same length on me as it is on the model, so I guess that’s my fault for thinking it would be longer. I guess I thought oversized would include length, but in this case it only applies to the width of the top. On me, it hits at an unflattering spot, and because of the cut of the top and the slits on the side, you can’t tuck it in. I pulled it down a little more than it falls naturally in the front view below just because it didn’t look flattering at the natural spot, and I don’t like to post terribly unflattering photos if I can help it. So for me, this is a no-go. That said, it’s still a nice quality piece for the price. Everyone is built differently so it may be just the right fit for someone else, and at half the price of the Chicwish version plus free shipping and returns, I think it’s worth trying this first if the style appeals to you.

Two: Tunic Sweatshirt with Pockets

Price: $20. This tunic length sweatshirt is definitely long enough for leggings! And bonus points- it has pockets! Anytime I’m wearing leggings I miss having pockets, so this solves that problem. This runs Small – XXL and I’m wearing a Small here. I think it’s pretty true to size with a relaxed fit. It’s a lightweight sweatshirt – not too heavy, and the material is nice and soft. It does come in a few other colors, so if you’re worried about the white getting dirty, you do have other choices. This isn’t really the most flattering thing on me since it’s kind of shapeless, but since it’s mainly for loungewear I don’t mind if it’s not my very best OOTD. I’m undecided if I will keep it just because I think I have enough sweatshirts right now. But for $20 I do recommend it if you need something like this!

Three: Pattyboutik Wrap Sweater

Price $32. One of my more popular pins on Pinterest lately has been this outfit with a similar grey wrap sweater.  Of course, that sweater sold out rapidly, but I thought this one would make a really nice similar option so I wanted to try it. It’s by Pattyboutik, one of my most-reliable brands for Amazon sweaters and this does not disappoint. I do think it runs a bit on the small size. I’m wearing an XS here and will want to exchange for a Small. One thing to note about this is that it has bishop sleeves. On me, the fitted part of the sleeve is verrrrrry long. I had to cuff the sleeves, but they’re fitted in such a way you really can’t even tell that they’re cuffed. Bishop sleeves seem to be having a moment right now, and I haven’t owned anything with them so I’m curious as to whether they’ll bother me or not. I’m hoping not since they’re at least fitted at the wrist so they won’t fall in my way. At any rate, this sweater is a keeper and also comes in black. A cami/tank underneath is mandatory, though. Even though it’s a wrap style it’s very wide/open in the front. I don’t mind that because I like the contrast with the grey/white, but it’s worth noting if you don’t want a cami-mandatory top.

Four: “The Drop” High Rise Jeans

Price: $50. For a few months now I’ve been linking to this brand of jeans as similar to some sold out options I own and wear, so I wanted to do my due diligence with an actual try-on to determine whether I should keep recommending them as a similar option. In a nutshell, yes! These are great jeans for $50 and come in multiple washes. I took a closer pic of just the jeans since that’s the focus here – this pic is totally unedited/unfiltered so you can get an accurate idea of how the color looks IRL in natural light:

Now I have Good News and Bad News about these jeans. The Bad News is that I’m wearing the High Rise Ankle Length version of these jeans, and now this particular wash – the Weekender Blue Vintage Wash – is sold out in all sizes. Argh! But there is a lot of good news too. For one, the High Rise Ankle length (the exact style I’m wearing) is in stock in other colors. Beyond that, if you like this exact color, it’s still available in High Rise Regular Length and in the Mid-Rise Regular  and Mid-Rise Ankle Length. These are true to size and I took my same size as Express Jeans. I thought the Ankle Length was great for me at 5’4″, so I’ll definitely stick with that length. Normally I wear mid-rise jeans, but one review on the mid-rise jeans said they were more like low rise, and I wanted to avoid that so I decided to try the high-rise just to be safe. For me, even though these are high rise they are only a tiny bit higher on my torso than my other Amazon denim favorite – the Daily Ritual Mid-Rise jeans. I think I am going to try the Mid Rise version of these to compare before I decide whether to keep these. Although I don’t mind the high rise on these, I also wouldn’t mind if they were just a tad lower. I have my t-shirt tucked in on the front view pic below so you can get a sense of the rise on me. They’re definitely not ultra-high rise.

Five: Longline Fitted Tee

Price: $40. Okay, I know $40 is kind of a lot for a basic t-shirt, but this type of longer-but-fitted t-shirt is something I’ve wanted for awhile, and I haven’t been able to find a good quality option with a v-neck for less anywhere else. This is the perfect t-shirt for pairing with leggings. It is very fitted, but I like that for a sleek line when I’m going to have a looser layer over top. I also found it true to size. I wear either XS or Small in tops and went with a Small in this so it wouldn’t be too tight, and it fits just right. It’s fitted but not ultra-tight. If you need a fitted layer for leggings or happen to be tall and can never find t-shirts shirts that are long enough – this is definitely worth a try.

Six: Pull-On Jeggings

Price: $20. I saved the best for last today! These pull-on jeggings have almost two thousand reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. I had to see what all the fuss is about, and I have to say I’m right there with those reviewers giving them at least 4.5 stars. I’m wearing the Grey Wash here, so as with the high rise blue jeans above here’s a close-up, unedited look at the color of these:

I’m also wearing these in the photo with the Pattyboutik Wrap sweater, and they look straight black in that photo from a slight distance, but up-close they really are this nice washed black/charcoal grey. These are so comfortable. They are true to size and I’m wearing the Short Length. At 5’4″ – this length is perfect for me since I don’t have to cuff them at all to wear with ankle boots, and I also liked how they looked with pumps in the outfit with the wrap sweater. They are pull on style, but the waistband looks “real” – so no one can tell you’re wearing comfy pants with an elastic waistband. I was still able to front-tuck my cami and it looked like normal jeans. These do not have side pockets (though they do have back pockets like normal jeans), so my deduction of a half-star on the rating of these would be due to lack of side pockets at the hip. But since most leggings don’t have pockets and these are a true jean-legging hybrid, I can see why they only did faux front pocket. And truth be told it does make them nice and smooth in the front, so I suppose there are pros and cons to not having front pockets. At any rate, these are only $20 and come in a bunch of colors, lengths and sizes. I’m not crazy about the look of their blue denim, but I do love this Grey Wash and could see myself using the Black pair as well. All things considered, for twenty bucks I highly recommend these if looks-like-jeans-feels-like leggings appeals to you!

And last but not least, here’s a look at the front view of these pieces:

Thanks for checking out my reviews today and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for my Monthly Update!