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Friday Favorites 1/31/20

Well, we made it to the end of January! I know a lot of people say this month feels extremely long, but for me, the first week was the only one that dragged The rest of the month has just moved along at a normal pace and I’m not mad about that. We also had some spring preview weather this week, and I think that extra few degrees helped brighten up some moods here as well. I stayed motivated get dressed in something other than athleisure and put on some of my “use it or lose it” wardrobe pieces that I needed to wear rather than store indefinitely in my closet.

Everyday Outfits:

Camo Cardigan + Grey Jeans

This camo cardigan is from Express last year and was featured in one of my most popular posts of 2019. I’m still not sure what made that post better than average, but I do know I hadn’t worn this cardigan yet since our fall/winter arrived so I needed to use it or lose it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve been wearing these grey jeans at least once a week! I’ve generally said they run true to size, but now that I’ve worn them quite a few times, I’m starting to think I might order a size down because there’s extra space in the waist that makes them fall a bit throughout the day. I have these jeans in two other colors (Black and Indigo) and don’t have that problem, but these seem a bit stretchier. They don’t bag out and look bad, but if I don’t have a belt on I’m constantly hitching them up. So…a little frustrating to have to buy another pair of the same exact jeans, but I really love them and want to have them fit correctly.

Beige Tank + Denim Jacket

This beige tank was kind of an impulse purchase at White House Black Market, and it’s on mega-sale right now. The material is super comfy and the reviews are what sold me on it. Plus, I thought “it’s neutral! It will go with anything!” I’m finding that didn’t quite play out as I planned! So far I’m finding almost any outfit where I use it, I could have worn a white, black or grey top that I already own just as easily. So I have a tiny bit of buyer’s remorse, even though I do think it’s a really great piece in terms of quality and comfortable material.  It’s called a “cozy tank” and and it definitely lives up to the name! I’m wearing the smaller of my two normal sizes and it’s still roomy/relaxed. 

Since I mentioned “use it or lose it” in the intro, this denim jacket is one of those items. I have two denim jackets: a lighter wash and this medium wash. For some reason I reach for the lighter one so much more often, to the point that I’ve wondered whether I really need this one too. But then I have an outfit like this where I just don’t think the lighter wash would have worked as well since it wouldn’t have provided much contrast to the top. Also, BTW both of my jackets are by Mavi – the same brand as the similar option I linked above. I’m also wearing the Amazon Essentials Pull-on jeggings I shared in Monday’s post! These are also super comfy and a great “looks like pants but feels like leggings” option. These are the “Grey Wash” but they do look almost black from this POV. Here’s a close-up pic of the jeans from Monday’s post. I think this angle gives a more accurate sense of the color. These are also true to size.

Grey Jacket + V Neck Tunic Tee:

Black, white and grey are always a favorite color combo for me! This jacket is lighter weight so it’s a great option for Spring (or San Diego Pre-Spring). This Tee is perfect for pairing with leggings since it’s super long. It’s true to size but on the small side. Size up if you want fitted but not tight, get your normal size if you want very fitted/tight.

Front View:

RIGHTJacket  | Tee | Leggings | Boots

That’s it for outfits this week, so I’m joining up with ErikaAndrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

1. Nails of the WeekI’ve had shimmery/metallic nails for the past couple of months and was ready to shift into a matte territory. I went with OPI’s Yes My Condor Can-do! from their Peru collection as my own little way of paying homage to my sister who is currently living in Peru!

For reference, I’m wearing this in all outfit photos above. OPI classifies this as a purple, and I agree that it has some purple/plum tones. But it’s a rich, dark, warmer toned shade…not to be confused with Barney the dinosaur purple. 
2. Birthday Fun
Last week was my birthday and my friends and family totally spoiled me. My sister sent these fun goodies (not the one in Peru- she might have a hard time finding these there!), and I’m enjoying sampling a few new-to-me sweet treats!

Caryl and Rachelle also spoiled me with an Express Gift Card, and I knew right away what I planned to do with it! Their classic trench in Black had been calling my name every since Noelle posted it.

I do have this in the pink version that they released last year – and they do have a similar Blush color out right now.

And I absolutely love the pink version, but one thing I’ve noticed with it is that I do need to plan my outfit around it. Sometimes that works out great, other times it starts raining mid-day and I want a more neutral option that goes with whatever I’m already wearing. Anne had a fun post about this too with her term “Coat-fit.” At any rate, I didn’t think I could justify the black one too but with a birthday gift card yes I could! Haha. This jacket is actually 40% off this weekend and totally deserving of all the five star reviews it gets in my opinion!

3. Fitness Favorite
Instead of sharing a workout this week, I’m sharing an article by my favorite fitness guru, Cathe Friedrich. This article explains the research behind why weight training will make you burn more calories than you think (and more than a cardio workout of similar duration and intensity). In my early 20s I was a cardio queen, but I never saw the results I wanted. In my late 20s I started shifting my emphasis to weight training and I’ve never looked back! Obviously everyone is different and some just may not enjoy weight training as much as I do, but it’s definitely worth a try if you aren’t happy with your current routine or results. 
I’ll wrap it up here for today and wish you all a great weekend! I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl and hopefully crossing a few tasks and errands off my to-do list. I am going to take Monday off from Blogging to keep up with some family and personal commitments this weekend but I will be back here on Wednesday. See you then!