Red Cami + Pressing Pause

Last week I styled a red sweater in an outfit that I didn’t end up loving, so this week I wanted to course-correct and style my red cami in my comfort zone: black on black! This is an easy top to take from day to night with just a couple of easy detail changes, so here’s the 411 on my strategy for making that happen!

My favorite way to transition a look from day-to-night is by changing the “extremities” of the look. It’s basically the “last on, first off approach.” The last things I put on to complete an outfit are usually my jacket/cardigan and my shoes as I head out the door. Then they become the first things I change to go from day to night!

I do this because I really prefer not to start an outfit from scratch! It’s too much work mentally and physically! Ha! When I keep my exact same top and pants on, it doesn’t feel like I’m totally changing my entire outfit. For me personally, around the house I’d wear this outfit with a cardigan instead of a blazer, but I really liked the way this looked with a blazer and thought it would make a nice business casual outfit to share.

As for date night, in winter I’m all about the Over-the-Knee boots!

My black OTK boots have been my go-to for most of this year, but they didn’t give any contrast to this look with black jeans, so I went with this grey-taupe instead. As far as sizing notes – my top is true to size (I’m wearing XS for a fitted, bodysuit type look). I’m wearing my regular size of jeans here but they are a little big at the waist and if I don’t wear a belt, creep down a bit. It may be best to go one size down, especially if you’re between sizes in jeans. My exact moto jacket is this one from Express, but it’s been sold out since the holidays. They’ve been making it for years so I’ll be shocked if they don’t re-release it in the summer (you know…when stores are pushing people to buy fall clothes), but hey…they’ve discontinued other favorites so you never know!

And now it’s time for a chat with you all because I have something that’s been weighing on me for awhile that I’m ready to share now that I’m at peace with my decision. In the past year and half since I went back to work part-time, it’s been a huge struggle to balance work, family, and blog. I’ve felt constantly overwhelmed and always falling behind in at least one of those areas. I kept pushing along and doing the best I could, but I couldn’t ignore the constant nagging feeling that something probably needs to change in this situation. After going back and forth on the issue, I’m really feeling in my heart that yes, something needs to change and now is the time. I can’t keep debating this forever – I need to make changes now and let the dust settle to see if it helps me find a healthier balance.

As I analyzed the things I’m struggling to balance, I applied the same perspective to my situation as I do to a closet clean out. When I’m looking at an item of clothing and debating whether to keep it in my closet, I consider whether it’s something I would want to purchase today if I saw it in store. If not, it might be time to let it go. When I look at my work-family-blog situation the same way and consider whether these are something I’d add to my life right now, some answers were obvious and some were more complicated. The obvious one is that I’m keeping my family! But when I look at what blogging/the influencer industry is now and I ask myself, “is this something I’d want to start today?” I think the answer is no, I would not. I’ve changed a lot in the past six years and so has blogging, and  we’re not very compatible anymore. And this is not a critique of anyone who wants to start a blog or continue to blog, because you and I are different people in different situations! I still think blogging is a fun, creative space with a great community! But there’s no denying the fact that it’s very time consuming, and in my life it crossed over into taking away too much time from my personal relationships once I also have a day job. For me, I think blogging was right for me for awhile and it helped me develop new skills and find some great friends. It even helped me get my job! But I only have so much time in a day and after scrambling for a year and a half to make everything work, I’m accepting that it’s not working and I need to make a change.

So all of that is to say that I’m Pressing Pause on blogging. I’m not saying I’m stopping permanently because for all I know, I may miss blogging too much and come back in a month or a year. Or I may find after some time off that I really am ready to move on entirely. I simply can’t know that until I get some space to reflect and some perspective that only comes from distance. What I do know is that I don’t regret starting a blog, and I’m SO incredibly thankful for the friendships and support I’ve received here over the years! This was a difficult post to write and it made me a little teary-eyed and emotional. But I know it’s the right step for me right now and I can’t put it off any longer just because it’s difficult and comes with some sadness. I hope you all can understand even if it is a disappointment for some. I genuinely wish you all the best, and hope that you can also find balance and contentment in your own life!

P.S. On a related note, although this will be my last week co-hosting Style on the Daily with the lovely and sweet Amy Ann, she does plan to continue hosting a link-up each week so I hope you’ll continue to join her and link up via her blog.
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