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Foolproof Outfit Formula: 10 Ways

Everybody needs a go-to outfit formula (or two) and today I’m sharing one of my favorites: Black Top + Black Bottoms + Any Outer Layer. It’s probably my all time favorite combination, although in looking back through my archives I notice I don’t wear this this formula nearly as much during the summer. I think it’s because it requires an outer layer to make it look complete, and sometimes it’s just too hot for that in the summer. But Spring is the perfect time to put this combination to good use from very casual to dressier/business casual outfits, it works like a charm every time. Here are ten ways I’ve worn this combination!

TWO: Cardigan Option | Black Jeans | Similar Cami | Belt | Similar Pumps | Similar Earrings | Tory Burch Crossbody 

All of the exact items in the outfits above ran true to size. And I really couldn’t find anything similar enough to my leopard crossbody bag at any price point to be worth linking here – sorry about that!

In some cases the “top + bottoms” portion of my outfit is a one piece like my jumpsuit above or dress below, making it even easier to put an outfit together. Those one-piece options really are the best for day when I’m in a rush or just not in the mood to put a lot of effort into coordinating an outfit.

THREE:  Jacket (c/o) | Exact Cami (Similar w/ more sizes) | Black Jeans | Shoes (c/o) | Similar Locket | Handbag (c/o) | Earrings | Nail Polish | Ponytail Extension | Sunglasses

The last four outfits are selfie-version since that’s a much more convenient way for me to photograph my everyday outfits:

Leggings + Neutral Cardigan:

Leggings + Camo Jacket: 

 Similar Jacket, Similar Jacket | Exact Tee [Budget Option] | Leggings | Similar Shoes | Necklace

Business Casual Pants + Purple Cardigan:

Black Jeans + Black Lace Tank + Moto Jacket:

Finally, here’s a pinnable image with six of these outfits for easy reference:

Here’s the latest of what’s going on in the blog world, real life, and a few other notes!

In Real Life: Last weekend started off rough with some emergency plumbing needs and a dead car battery. Ugh. So we plenty of time taking care of those issues when I would rather have been doing other things! But that’s life sometimes. I guess it makes me more appreciative of the weeks where things are just ho hum!

I also got to hang out with Noelle and her husband on Saturday night and that’s always a fun double date! We had a lot of laughs and fun watching the final Supercross race of the season. I also worked on cleaning out my closet a bit. I really struggle with getting rid of clothes (and Marie Kondo was no help for me in this area) but my closet was maxed out so I absolutely had to declutter a bit. Which brings me to my next section of the Monday Memo…

On the Blog: On Wednesday I’ll be sharing the key lessons I learned from my closet cleanout, along with some pieces I kept vs. donated. I wasn’t happy with the outfit photos I took last weekend either due to lighting or the way the outfit ended up looking in pictures, so I had to come up with other post ideas for this week. In some ways I’m glad when this happens because it keeps me from falling into the habit of just sharing new this and new that all the time. It’s a little bit of a challenge from a time and creativity standpoint, but I hope it ends up being enjoyable and useful for you as a reader!

Have a great week!

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